CISCO - CP-PWR-7925G-AU= -7925G PWR SUPPLY FOR - This product is no longer available

LWT Code: CIS17314    Manufacturer Code: CP-PWR-7925G-AU=



Jan 2009
PRODUCT : Power Supply
COMPATIBILITY: Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G (CSO7164)
APPROX BATT CHARGING TIMES: (Power Supply Connected to user's Phone)
Standard Battery : 2 hours
Extended Battery : 3 hours
* Users can check the battery charging state on the phone display
* Phone power supply meant for use in Australia
* AC Power Supply : The power supply with AC plug adapter enables
users to quickly charge their phone battery
* Users can use the phone while they are charging the battery
1 - Lift mini-USB port cover at bottom of user's phone
2 - Swing port cover to one side
3 - Insert the AC power supply mini-USB connector in the port
4 - Insert the AC plug adapter in the slot on the power supply
5 - Insert the AC power supply in a wall outlet
6 - Indicator light-LED is red while battery is charging and turns
green when battery is charged