LWT Code: OHB3675745    Manufacturer Code: ETS-Ohbot-1


Ohbot is a robot head that’s constructed and programmed by children. It has seven motors to provide a range of realistic movement. Ohbot is provided as a kit and comes with full instructions so that it can be built by children aged 7 and older. Once the kit is completed Ohbot is connected to a Windows PC running Ohbot software so that it can be programmed.
A block programming environment is used based on the Scratch language which was developed at MIT. This allows children to generate programs quickly and encourages them to experiment and use their imagination. Ohbot includes text to speech technology so that children can program it to say whatever they like.
Ohbot also includes face recognition so that it can be programmed to react when it sees a child and follow their movement Film of face recognition and tracking Ohbot uses an Arduino interface board which allows for additional sensors to be used.

The below course provides a sequence of inspiring activities that can be used to help children develop the skills needed to find computational solutions to messy real world problems
Link to course work (http://www.ohbot.co.uk/scheme-of-work.html?lang=en)

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