LWT Code: ROO3675800    Manufacturer Code: TAMI-CREATIVE


Let your imagination go and develop skills, knowledge and experience in robotics and programming through creating fully programmable, sensory and remote controlled intelligent robots through using the RoboTami Creative pack.

The RoboTami Creative Pack is a robot construction kit comprising of programmable CPU, a large pack of clip together construction parts, motors and sensors, remote controller, battery pack and a workbook with instructions to make 9 intelligent Robots. There is also the opportunity to create endless robots, machines, models, all which can be programmed from the included software. All items you need are included.

The Programmable Controller is programmed using the included TronzCard software. Robot programmes are created within the software GUI and downloaded to the robot via a USB connection. (a download cable is included with each kit) . The GUI provides a simple “card” system which can be dragged and dropped to add components (motors, sensors, if statements) to the robot programmes. The software license is provided as a site license, which means you can load on to all the devices within the school (BYOD included) and students can then work on programming tasks more freely. This software is currently PC only.

The workbook provides teaching resource and activity ideas to aid teaching relating to construction, mechanics, electronics, movement, sensing, programming, solving engineering challenges and much more. The workbook provides instructions to make 9 intelligent Robots.

For ages 11 + and can used to engage and teach much older students too. Just check our some of the video's below...

Try using Tami Robot Construction Kits with an Arduino for enhanced programming opportunities and the ability to create a Bluetooth remote controller from your iPad, iPhone or android device.

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