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The D-Link DWC-1000 Wireless Controller is a centralised wireless LAN managerdeveloped specifically for campuses, branch offices, and businesses that are lookingfor an easy to use, scalable solution to manage and configure their wireless network.With the ability to manage up to six wireless Access Points (upgradable to 24) and amaximum of 96 wireless Access Points in a Controller Cluster, the DWC-1000 is acost-effective mobility solution for small to medium-scale environments. Itsauto-managed AP discovery and single point management allow customers toacquire an enterprise class system without the burden of executing massive andcomplex configurations. With a robust and comprehensive security detectionsystem, the DWC-1000 also enables managed APs to block potential attacks fromunauthorised users and devices, especially for wireless environments.Robust and Optimised NetworkThe DWC-1000 features a self-organising, self-optimising, and self-healing networkcapability to increase the stability of the entire wireless network. With regular-basedradio scanning and performance analyzing, the DWC-1000 automatically adjustsradio channels and power periodically to avoid interference and keep the wirelessnetwork in an optimised state. To make up for a sudden Radio Frequency (RF) signalvacuum created by any faulty Access Point, the DWC-1000 will increase the transmitoutput power of neighboring Access Points to expand RF coverage.Comprehensive SecurityT

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