YODN - LAMP NEC NP-M230X / M230XG / M260X / M260XG / M260XS / M260XSG / M300X / M230X / M300XG / M260XG / M230XG / M300 / M300XC / M300X / (NP15LP)

LWT Code: YOD903990    Manufacturer Code: GLH-498 (NP15LP)

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YODN Lamp for NEC NP-M230X/M230XG/M260X/M260XG/M260XS/M260XSG/M300X/M230X/M300XG/M260XG/M230XG/M300/M300XC/M300X/M260XS/M260X/M260W (NP15LP)---4 months warranty

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