We recommend Family Zone for our school's BYOD program, and to all the members of our school community, to keep connected kids safe and happy, on every device, everywhere.

Chosen by over 350,000 families, Family Zone lets you manage content and time online for the entire family.

Manage screen-time

Set routines for study, play and sleep

Keep content child-friendly

Remove adult content for safe searching

Restrict social media

Manage social apps and in-app purchasing

Protect devices at home and on-the-go

Extend protection with the Family Zone Box plus Mobile Zone app

Access free cyber support

Receive answers to all your online safety questions

Managing screen time and content has never been easier

There are all kinds of devices our children have access to; Tablets, smartphones, laptops, TVs, gaming consoles and more. Family Zone is your simple solution to manage them all. At home, at school and everywhere in between

Family Zone offers a world-first: specialist support from a Cyber Expert you select from our acclaimed team

If you're like most concerned parents, you already know cyber safety is important.

But... then what?

Where do you even begin to set boundaries and restrict content? If only you could ask someone who had all teh answers.

Now you can. Our exports are academics, educators, psychologists and even former cyber detectives - all of them sharing the same mission: to keep your children safe, healthery and responsible online.

What our customers say

"What we hoped to gain was cyber safety. And that was achieved. What we didn't expext was our kids' changing relationship with their devices. The time management aspect of Family Zone's “Sleep, Play & School” means we no longer have arguments. Transforming!"

Nicole, Mother of 3

Want more information

There's a few places to go from here. You can call 1300 550 717 or email sales@lwt.com.au and talk to one of our specialists.