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LWT like to focus on what we do best which is providing a streamlined IT procurement experience through the whole product life cycle.

In doing so we partner closely with a range of companies to provide best of breed services to our customers.

Meet Tser Lin

LWT is excited to partner with leading Education Technology Consultant, Tser Lin Hetherton.

Tser Lin is an experienced educator who provides professional development to support the learning, teaching and planning of digital technologies in schools. She is an Apple Education Trainer, Google for Education Certified Trainer and Google Innovator.

Badge Academy

Tser Lin is the creator of Badge Academy.

Badge Academy was established in 2014 to help students and teachers with their technology skills. The Badge.Academy is skill based and was designed to be a scope and sequence for learning and teaching.

Teacher Professional Learning in Digital Technologies

Professional development and learning to upskill teachers in the use of Digital Technologies. Equipping teachers with essential technological skills and introducing resources to improve contemporary teaching practices. Needs based workshops to assist teachers in the learning of technologies. This ranges from basic to advanced skill levels.

Technology Planning & Deployment in Schools

Planning the school’s future Digital Technologies direction to ensure it meets 21st century requirements. Collaboratively develop technology related policies that are meaningful and current to students and the school. This includes, School Digital Techonlogies Acceptable Use Policy, Cyber Safety Policy and Social Media Policy. Introduce technology for administrative and organisational purposes to enhance the school's day to day operation. Conduct parent technology workshops to build awareness of the use of technology and its functions.

Get in Touch

We believe Tser Lin can help your school get the very best learning out of the technology we supply. For information contact her on

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